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Minestrone Masterpiece...

"So tasty", "Definitely going to make it","Yum", "Looks So Good", "It was delish"...these were just a few of the facebook accolades received for this delicious demo dish soup recipe. I liked it, they liked it, I'd say chances are good you will too and if you feel like trying it out, the recipe's here...


Beautiful & Affordable...

We've petals a'plenty at Bunbury Farmers Market and the best part is they won't hurt your bank balance since Sabina and the lovely ladies at the Flower Shop have put together some beautiful bunches to brighten your day starting from as little as $5.99 - how good is that?!? 


Seafood Paella...

Now this is what I call a beautiful looking dish but as great as this foodie pic is it doesn't compare to how delicious it is to taste. If you're into fresh seafood, then this is the recipe (with mussels, prawns, ling, chorizo) for you - click here for the ingredients and method...


Rack of Lamb...

Here's another demo dish that caused quite a stir in the demo kitchen when we sampled it - our Roasted Lamb Rack with Spinach Pumpkin & Feta comes highly recommend and the recipe is here...


Find Your Fav Recipe Here...

If you want to find your favourite BFM recipe, simply type a keyword in the box below & click the button!


Beef Bourguignon...

It certainly pays to get in quick when we're serving up super-tasty samples like this Beef Bourguignon with Cauliflower Mash... but if you miss the tasters you can always catch the recipe on our food blog!

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I drive from Mandurah to purchase your fresh produce, it's so good!!!!! Love it!!

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Jodie Miles,
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"Just have to let you know your staff are so helpful. It's very helpful to mums like me who find shopping with the kids hard enough. Thanks for the great customer service (and your lovely fresh produce)"

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Sam Langley,
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"What a great page, I should look at this after Dinner not before."

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Russell Horlin,
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